How to Batch Convert PDF to JPG,SVG,PNG,INX,XPS,TIFF and/or Flash

Trying to convert a PDF to another format like JPG, SVG, PNG…etc.? Or vice versa?

It's easy with OSDC!

Locate and open the folder that the original file is saved in. Open the command line from the folder by holding down the Shift key and right clicking the window. Select Open command window here.

Type in:
sbccmd -d “originalfilename.fileextension” -p @OUTPUTFORMAT -o “newfilename.fileextension”

(If a file name contains a space, it must be enclosed in quotation marks. ex: “File Name.pdf”)

Below is a list of command-line parameters for output formats that are supported by OSDC:

  • -p @PDF
  • -p @SVG
  • -p @INX
  • -p @XPS
  • -p @Flash
  • -p @JPEG
  • -p @PNG
  • -p @TIFF
  • -p @MTIFF
  • For more command-line interface parameters & features, click here.