OSDC Maintenance Release MR4

OSDC V3.0 MR4 Release

The following issues have been corrected:
1) Conversion from PDF
*Yen mark was outputted as back slash. It is now possible to output the Yen mark in Japanese font.

2) Conversion from Word
*The width of the row in the table was not correctly acquired and the layout before and after the table occasionally collapsed.
*There was a problem in the judgment of the height of the header and the image in the header was not always outputted.
*There was a problem in the judgment of the Orient character and a line break occurred in the middle of the English word.
*An unnecessary character string in the field was outputted.
*Left margin of a border around the paragraph in header/footer was not considered.
*An extra white space occasionally appeared at the head of the next page because the space set after the paragraph was pushed to the next page.
*An extra white space occasionally appeared at the head of the next page because the space between paragraphs was pushed to the head of the next page.
*There was a problem in acquiring the font and the layout occasionally collapsed due to the difference of the width of the characters.
*The hanging indent was not reflected in the paragraph.
*Text in was missing.
*The margins were wider in the text box and the line break point changed or overflow of text would occur.
*The reverse rotation attribute of a figure was not correctly processed from MR2.
*The text box position in the table and the output order were wrong.
*The line drawing of the paragraph occasionally shifted.
*Borders set around the character strings in the table occasionally

3) Conversion from Excel
*Number of copies in the Page Setup was disregarded.
*Line styles were not correctly reproduced. A line occasionally outputted twice.
*Support for conversion of a file deviated from the file format specification of Excel.

4) Conversion from PowerPoint
*The shadow set to a transparent image was not correctly processed.
*The character from the master template that was not supposed to output occasionally appeared.
*The ”unknown document type” error occurred failing in the file distinction.

5) Other
*The font size was not always correct when converting to SVG.
*Bold and italic were not correctly reflected when converting to Flash.
*When converting from JPEG to images, there was a problem in acquiring the resolution and the specified resolution was ignored.