OSDC Release 3.0MR5 Now Available

V3.0 MR5 Windows/Linux/Solaris April 18, 2011


Conversion from Word

*The text box in an anchored paragraph in the table cell was not correctly arranged or dropped with Word 2007/2010 conversions.
*The height of the margin was not correctly reflected even if the output position was specified to the figure or the text box with Word 2007/2010 conversions.
*Figures with insufficient attribute information were not outputted correctly with Word 2007/2010 conversions.
*When the text was added between parentheses, it overlapped with Word 2007/2010 conversions.
*Grouped shapes in header/footer were not always positioned correctly with Word 97-2003 conversions.
*When there was a problem in the calculation of the number of lines in one page, the page position would shift with Word 97-2003 conversions.
*Table titles were not effective with Word 97-2003 conversions.
*Unnecessary work files were created with Word 97-2003 conversions.
*Tab positions in header/footer were not correctly positioned with Word 97-2003 conversions.
*Problems with processing occurred when the minimum value was specified for line spacing, which resulted in wide spaces between lines with Word 97-2003 conversions.
*Characters were squeezed together and overlapped with Word 97-2003 conversions.
*When problems with the character-code output for symbol fonts occurred, it resulted in garbled numbers and cirlces with Word 97-2003 conversions.
*The space between lines changed when the OLE object had been inserted with Word 97-2003 conversions.
*The table of contents was not outputted with Word 97-2003 conversions.
*When multiple bookmarks were set to the same position their hyperlinks were lost with Word 97-2003 conversions.
*The position of ruled lines around characters in a table shifted with Word 97-2003 conversions.
*The character attribute settings in Style was not correctly reflected with Word 97-2003 conversions.
*Problems with the default table border occurred so borders were not correctly outputted with Word 97-2003 conversions.
*The header and the body text overlapped with Word 97-2003 conversions.

Conversion from Excel

*Unnecessary text box background was outputted.
*The magnification of the worksheet display in print settings was not reflected, the stroke width was not correctly outputted.
*The magnification of the worksheet display in print settings was not reflected when the font size in header/footer was changed.
*When the number of pages for either width or height were specified, Fit to Page settings in Page Setup were ignored, but now it ouputs with the specified page number.
*When the number of pages for both width and height were not specified, Fit to Page settings in the Scale in Page Setup were ignored. Therefore, the width and height values for only the first page was outputted by default.
*The cell border specified to the row title was outputted to the cell below it.

Conversion from PowerPoint

*Support for the setting of the slide beginning number with PowerPoint 2007/2010.
*Vertical writing in the text box did not rotate when it was specified to rotate by certain degrees.
*When symbols were specified for the bullets in a list, it would result in garble.
*Figures and text with a hidden attribute were outputted and shown.
*The fixed-pitch font was allocated to the alternative font of the variable-pitch font which increased the width of the text.
*Some figures were not able to correspond to the vertical and horizontal flips.
*If the system color was set to a fill color, an invalid color would be outputted. It can now be outputted by setting the color value with the fixed table.
*There was a problem in calculation of the distance between text area and images causing the text to shift.


*The conversion terminated abruptly when -GDI Smooth was specified with the image output.
*There was a problem in detecting file formats, causing text file conversions to fail.
*Sometimes font sizes decreased because the selector of the tagname.classname was not supported with SVG conversions.
*XPS would not convert with the NET Interface. It is fixed now. (XPS output is only available for OSDC Plus)
*The conversion failed if # was included in the target file name.
*The default value of 100% when neither width nor height were specified in SVG was applied to the default A4 size with the conversion from SVG. Now it is made available to output the % size as the height and width of viewBox if viewBox is effective when directly converting SVG.