OSDC Release V3.1MR1 Now Available

V3.1 MR1 Windows/Linux September 22, 2011
(Solaris Sparc MR1 is not available)


Conversion from Word

*When the header or footer contained a tab, text decorations were not processed.
*Images in the header were not output correctly.
*When page breaks were inserted continuously, some pages were not outputted.
*When a bookmark’s starting position was set outside a table and ended inside a table, hyperlinks were not converted correctly.
*Center aligned or right aligned auto shapes were not placed correctly.
*Flame layouts with no text wrapping were not processed correctly.
*When the table style was specified, the conversion finished by outputting only the first single character.
*When the border was arranged in the layout frame, the left end of the border inside the frame was hidden.
*The underline was not converted when it was specified to the page break code.
*Line numbers set to the captions were not outputted correctly.
*Text with a hyperlink in the hierarchical table was not converted.
*When the paragraph style was specified, the font specification did not convert correctly.

Conversion from Excel

*When only the cell field with valid data was specified as the print range and fit-to-page option was selected, the layout collapsed.
*When specifying fit-to-option and using the default print scaling ratio, the same content was extended over two pages depending on the environment.
*The gradation of the text box did not convert correctly.
*The space between dots differed from the original file.
*The text in the shape was displayed with zero width.
*When slicers were added in Excel 2010, the figure displayed was all black.

Conversion from PowerPoint

*When the OLE data was arranged as an object in Powerpoint 2010, it was not converted and was missing.
*When there was white space at the end of a line, the layout collapsed.
*The arrangement and the margin in a cell were not correctly processed.
*When a line break occurred, the layout of the border collapsed.
*When the figure was arranged just before the end of the page, it was not converted correctly.
*The layout of the vertical writing text in the text box collapsed.

Conversion from PDF

*Failing to read the font information, font sizes were increased.
*Images in the file were not converted and were missing.
*The conversion failed when JBIG2 images were included in the file.
*The color space was not processed correctly and it failed to display.

Conversion to Flash

*Bold and italic specifications were not outputted correctly.
*A white border, which was not in the original layout, was outputted.

Conversion to images

*The background color became black after converting to TIFF.
*JPEG compression was invalid when outputting to CMYK TIFF.
*The file was outputted in reverse when converting from EMF.

Conversion to INX

*The stream output failed.


*The conversion from the text file failed.
*When deleted data in the graph was read, a memory shortage occurred.
*When # was included in the file name, the conversion failed.