Maintenance Update: OSDC v3.1 MR2

May 15, 2012
– OSDC V3.1 MR2 Release

The following issues have been corrected:

1) Conversion from Word

*An error was returned when judging whether there was a section format within the paragraph format.
*Text overlapped within the header when there was no line break immediately after the section.
*The conversion did not end when “Repeat as header row at the top of each page” in the Table Properties was checked.
*Text in a table disappeared when the border was specified to the paragraph in a table cell.
*The conversion did not end when a table went across the page.
*Text boxes overlapped followed by text failure to acquire the correct line height.
*Curved lines were outputted differently in regards to length.
*The position of a header was incorrect.
*The “Missing font family” error occurred when the specific style was set to the paragraph.
*An error occurred when outputting a nested table.
*The position of a figure shifted.
*The MS Mincho font family caused Adobe Reader to prompt the user to install a Japanese Language Support update.
*The position of a shape in a table outputted incorrectly.
*There was a problem in reading the processing of Shape data, so an infinite loop occurred.
*The conversion failed when processing the section format within the paragraph format.

2) Conversion from Excel

*An application error occurred when reading the file which contained a chart sheet.
*There was a problem in font processing in a file when three or more OLE classes were embedded and the conversion failed.

3) Conversion from PowerPoint

*Raw height of a table was outputted shorter.
*There was a problem in the line break processing of WordArt which caused different character sizes.
*There was a problem in calculation of the text area of a figure, the text was cut off.
*When a picture frame did not have the raster image and did not fill background, an adjoining figure was missing.

4) Conversion from PDF

*An error occurred when reading PDF files with abstract keywords.
*When processing the mask image, the background color was not reflected.

5) Conversion to SVG

*Down-sampled images were not accurately scaled.
*Due to a problem in error judging, an error occurred when converting files, which had no problems with the previous version.
*A table in Word was rendered too small due to a problem when saving the format.