OSDC Release V4.0MR1 Now Available

V4.0 MR1 Windows/Linux June 28, 2012


1) It's now available to dynamically output the updated table of contents and page numbers with the -docpagenumbercorrection option when converting Word to PDF.
2) It's now available to return the warning message when unsupported features are discovered.
3) It's now available to output more detailed error messages while processing the encrypted file.


Conversion from PDF

*There was a problem in mask-image processing and a background color was not outputted.

Conversion from Word

*Bold and dotted specified to underlines were not outputted.
*There was a problem in the hanging indent processing and the indentation was not reflected on the list style.
*There was a problem in the processing of highlighting colors and the color differed from the original.
*An incorrect space was inserted when wrapping text around the shape in a header.
*When the paragraph style was specified, the font specification was not correctly converted.
*When a section format was specified in a paragraph format in Word 2007/2010, the conversion failed.

Conversion from Excel

*When the -end option was specified, the conversion failed.
*When the value used in a graph was not referred, the conversion failed.
*When the row consisted of cells without the setting of the border attribute, an application error occurred if the border was specified with the print setting.

Conversion from PowerPoint

*The rotation of text was not processed.
*There was a problem in the date processing of a chart, an infinite loop occurred.
*Bitmap data was not correctly outputted.

Conversion from RTF

*There was a problem with table height processing, the entire table was filled in black.

Conversion to SVG

*There was a problem in judgment of the format, text flipped vertically, the border shifted and the table was shrunk.


*Specification change: With the image conversion, the scaling result size of 0 was changed to 1.
*Text file could not be converted with 32/64 bit Linux version.
*There was a problem in decoding an image, an infinite loop would occur.