OSDC V4.0 MR2 / OSDC V3.1 MR3 Release

September 28, 2012
– OSDC V4.0 MR2 Release & OSDC V3.1 MR3 (released October 29, 2012 w/ same changes)

1)Support for the date/time display format to use for each locale when
converting from Excel.

The following issues have been corrected:

1) Conversion from PDF
*There was a problem in mask-image processing and a background color
was not outputted.

2) Conversion from Word
*The shape was not outputted.
*There was a problem in the arrangement of the group Shape, its position
shifted incorrectly.
*The title text in the header overlapped and horizontal bars are
*There was a case where the character style of the title was the
character style of the hyperlink.
*There was a case where character strings disappeared or an excessive
line drawing was outputted because the position of the shape shifted.
*There was a problem in referring to the font style, different fonts
were outputted.
*The shape specified in the paragraph after the page break was outputted
before the page break.
*The height of the header changed due to the image inside the header.
*The footer and the footnote overlapped.
*The page break position was incorrect.
*Checkbox fields were not converted.
*Rotated page in word doc was not rotated in converted output.
*Embedded table made by Excel and pasted on Word document turned black
when converted to svg.

3) Conversion from Excel
*The portion protruded from the cell and the page were not outputted.
*The layout collapsed sharply with the file including contents with
a problem.
*The API for the sheet selection was not added to COM and Java interfaces. *The legacyDrawing figure (Form button) was not outputted.

4) Conversion from Powerpoint
*An erroneous gray block in the image was generated after it was converted.
5)Conversion to SVG
*The border in the table was too thick.

6) Other
*The background image was filled incorrectly.

Changes with APIs
From OSDC V4.0MR2, some changes have been added to APIs. We apologize for
the inconvenience caused to you.

*API Changes
@The data type of PageNumberCorrection has been changed to what it should be.
@If you have already used the following APIs, it is required to recompile
the program which uses these APIs in order to use OSDC V4.0MR2.

C/C++ Interface

There are no changes.

Java Interface

In DfvObj
long getPageNumberCorrection()
void setPageNumberCorrection(long newVal)

have been changed to:

boolean getPageNumberCorrection()
void setPageNumberCorrection(boolean newVal)

.NET Interface

PageNumberCorrection LONG R/W

has been changed to:

PageNumberCorrection Boolean R/W

COM Interface

PageNumberCorrection LONG R/W

has been changed to:

PageNumberCorrection Boolean R/W

*Commandline Interface: The behavior of the -pgbar option has been
changed as follows:

When -o is omitted, or -o @STDOUT is specified, it outputs to stderr.
In other cases, it outputs to the opposite direction of -stderr/-stdout.