New Release: OSDC V4.0 MR3

OSDC V4.0 MR3 Release


1) Support for the JFXX (JFIF extension) format.
2) Support for the dropdown check box in Excel.
3) Support for hyperlinks and bookmarks when converting from Word to PDF.
4) Support for the JPEG Exif format.
5) RGB can now be outputted when creating PDF by specifying the setting file.

The following issues have been corrected:

1) Conversion from PDF
The background of text was filled with color.
An error occurred when converting a file that included a small GIF file.
“(c)” was garbled.
The background of an image or a figure was not transmitted.
Some characters were missing.
The portion around the text in white was not transmitted, text were not shown.

2) Conversion from Word

Values in fields that sum other values show extra digits in the converted PDF.
Form field values were missing in the converted document.
A closing quote broke across lines.
The header text broke at the end of the word.
Link text switched from Latin to Greek characters.
A character in the bottom right of the page was being omitted.
Text was overlapped onto the image.
Text in the header was placed incorrectly.
The labels were misaligned in output PDF.
The footer was overlapped onto the footnote.
Values and connection lines in PowerPoint pie chart were not correctly outputted.
Text boxes were not correctly outputted.
The background image hid the foreground text.
Spaces between lines were too wide due to the problem in Word2007 SP2.
The problem of memory leakage occurred with a specific file.
Shapes arranged on a figure were collapsed.
When full-width symbols were used, an excessive space was generated between characters.

3) Conversion from Excel
SVG image was not fit into one page and overflowed.
Since the same sheet was outputted twice in Windows version, output number of pages increased.
OSDC did not respond due to the problem when processing charts.
OSDC did not respond due to the problem when reading an invalid shape.
System error occurred due to the problem when reading an invalid shape.
A line exceeded the range of the table.
Text in the header was positioned too low.
The background of a cell that included figures was not filled with color.
The cell border with no data was not outputted.
Cells with shading were outputted in black.
Shapes which were not printed in Excel was outputted.
A blank page was outputted when zeroHeight was specified to the cell height.
Contents of the cell was missing.
An arrow connecter in Excel was missing.
Center aligned text was not correctly positioned.
Check marks were garbled.
OSDC did not respond due to the problem when outputting the text in dropdown menu.
The position of buttons was not correct.
When converting a file containing a chart continuously, a memory leak occurred.
System Error occurred due to the change of the reading processing of sheets.
Text with a line break within a cell was not correctly positioned.

4) Conversion from PowerPoint
The back ground image was filled in black.

5) Conversion to PDF
RGB color was outputted dull.
Text was garbled when converting from a specific PowerPoint file.
A blank page was outputted when zeroHeight was specified to the cell height.
A gradient fill to shapes was not applied.

6) Conversion to Flash
An error was returned due to the problem when processing the coordinate conversion.
Pages could not be flipped with Flash Player.
The rectangle corner was not outputted correctly.
When the document has a list with multi-columns within the text box, colors were not correctly outputted.
A page with a very thin line was outputted as a blank page.

7) Conversion to SVG
Colors were not displayed in the browser when converting PDF to SVG.

8) Other
“Graphic file is broken” error occurred with the conversion from TIFF in Windows Server 2008 R2 x64.
System Error occurred with the conversion from TIFF.
get/setPdfColorProfile was not prepared for the Java interface.
Data was displayed as percentages with the y-axis going up to 120% in 3D 100% graph.
The DPI value was set less than the specified value by 1 with JPEG and TIFF output.
“Invalid PDF stream” error occurred when outputting JPEG.