June 20, 2013
– OSDC V5.0 MR1 Release


1) Support for the conversion from OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice (Using the OOOSDC Option)
2) Support for the image output in Linux (Using the GSOSDC Option)
3) The tag (Structured Document Tag) in the table is now supported with the conversion from Word.
4) OSDC now produces an error message when converting unsupported versions Excel files (Excel5/95).
5) When a font can be created by the font name in PDF, priority is given to that font and it was made not to replace it

The following issues have been corrected:

1) Conversion from PDF
* The character width of MSP Gothic might not be acquired and characters overlapped.
* There was a problem in recognizing the vertical writing correctly and the characters were rotated 90 degrees clockwise.
* When Preblending processing was performed, even PNG was contained and the shaded frame turned black.
* There was a problem in color space caching and the text color differed from the original file.

2) Conversion from Word
* Page numbers in the footer were not converted correctly.
* The wrong font was selected for some content which caused some of the text to be cut off.
* The header was centered when it should have been left aligned.
* The shape specified in the paragraph after the page break was outputted in the previous page.
* Indentation was not correctly processed.

3) Conversion from Excel
* There was a problem in processing an option [-xlssheetorderactivefirst], and an application error occurred.
* The value in the graph and the number of plots are inaccurate.
* There was a problem in reading the cell, and an application error occurred.
* When processing the file with “conditional format” that was not supported, no error message appeared.

4) Conversion from PowerPoint
* Arrows were not outputted.
* There was a problem in processing the balloon content area, the page break position shifted.
* The bit map data could not be converted.

5) Image conversion
* Some parts were outputted black when the application ran on Windows service.
* There was a problem in processing the clipping rectangle when drawing a rotated pattern resulting in a missing figure.
* When a large image was outputted separately, the image quality was poor.
* When an image was outputted from a rotated image, the image quality was poor.

6) Other
* Even if the number of pages, which did not exist, was specified to the [-start] and [- end] options, the conversion ended without an error message.