OSDC V5 MR3 Released

– OSDC V5.0 MR3 release

The following issues have been corrected:

1) Conversion from Word

*An application error occurred when running through Java.
*The auto-generated number was not visible due to the problem in the processing of the list indent.
*Table name and comments were drawn over the table itself.
*The position of the graphic was incorrect.
*Table cell background drew over the border.
*Table column sizes were incorrect.
*Leader and title of table of contents were incorrect.
*Additional page number was added in the footer region.
*The header with a table and big cell borders resulted in excess document pages.
*Some data with tables caused an infinite loop in OSDC due to the problem in the footnote processing.
*The incorrect date value in the converted PDF is now correcly shown according to the rule of the italian locale.
*Header/footer were not converted due to the probem in the processing of the shape in the header/footer.
*Character shading was not outputted.
*Text in WordArt was not outputted.

2) Conversion from Excel

*There was a problem in the processing of OmitBlankPage and only a part of cells were outputted.
*An application error occurred with Linux due to the problem in the processing of the numeric value.
*An infinite loop occurred when converting a file including an incorrect Cart information.

3) Conversion from Powerpoint

*Vertical text was not maintained in conversion.
*An application error occurred with the file which has data in PowerPoint 95 format embedded by OLE.
*PDF file converted from pptx generated an error when displayed with Acrobat Reader.

4) Conversion from RTF

*There was a problem in the processing of the cell size in a table and an application error occurred.
*There were problems in the processing of the table format, column and shape output, number of pages increased drastically.
*OSDC did not respond when converting a file with a very big table.
*The table cells appeared to add the size of the previous cell to their own.
*rtf files with a strike mark through all the words generated an error.