March 24, 2014
– OSDC V5.0 MR4 release

The following issues have been corrected:

1) Conversion from PDF

*The character position shifted when the font was not embedded in the converted PDF.
*A blank page was outputted when converting PDP into an image.

2) Conversion from Word

*The processing in the layout frame had a problem and the position of a text box shifted.
*The vertical writing process had a problem and the text was not outputted.
*There was a problem in the text wrapping around an image and the display order of the files with OLE embedded changed.
*Extra lines appear at the top of document.
*The position of the text box was wrong.
*There was a problem in the process of text wrapping around the layout frame, the line break position shifted.
*A table was missing in the word document.
*An image position in a page header was incorrect.
* Checked (X) boxes were being drawn too far to the left.

3) Conversion from Excel

*OSDC did not respond when if “‘” was contained in the sheet name and the print range was specified.
*Excel conversion hanged indefinitely.
*The total number of pages was set to 0 when -xlscontinuepagenumber was specified.
*A part of cell contents was cut off.
*Math expressions added by Excel2010 was not displayed correctly.
*A part of contents was not outputted in PDF.
*Excel conversion hanged by an error.

4) Conversion from PowerPoint

*The gradation part was outputted as blots. A part of gradation is now supported.
*A PPT file created with Ichitaro was not convertible.
*The text position and the line break position in a shape were incorrect.
*An object was not outputted correctly.
*An error occurred when converting PPT to PNG with 32bit JAVA.

5) Conversion from RTF

*The text was underlined unexpectedly.
*Images overlapped with each other.
*Figures, such as expressions, were garbled.
*All the outputs of the footer in a table were shifted to the right.
*The column of the right side in a table was cut off.
*Only the first table was outputted and the next two were discarded.
*An inline image was drawn below text instead of adjacently.
*The outline shapes were missing.

6) Conversion to Images

* The conversion to MTIFF and PNG failed with errors.