October 28, 2014
-OSDC V5.2 MR1 Release

The following issues have been corrected:

1) Conversion from PDF
*There was a case where the outline of a FreeType font was not acquired and a character was missing.

2) Conversion from Word
*There was a problem in the font output specific to majorFont and minorFont.
*The Calibri font specified in the document was not used in the output PDF.
*When a shape was rotated by 180-degrees, the output position shifted.
*Underlines were broken off.
*Images were placed incorrectly.
*The page number in the header was not outputted correctly.
*A title and a title number were outputted in the previous page.
*The page number in the footer was not outputted correctly.
*The line appeared to be rendered well below where it should be.

3) Conversion from Excel
*The conversion process did not end or took excessive time when converting Excel file with many sheets.
*The processing time was very long if the script change occurred frequently with a long character string.
*There was a problem in the rendering processing of a pie chart and the program ended abnormally.
*When the text was centered, borders were not correctly outputted.

4) Conversion from PowerPoint
*When the style was not specified to the table, there was a case where a border was not outputted.

5) Conversion from RTF
*A word was wrapped to the next line and overwrote the content there.
*The text was drawn at the wrong position.
*The page footer was drawn in the wrong place.

6) Conversion to images
*The shading cell was filled in black.

7) Other
*The OSDC program folder was created directly under C drive when executed by a user cannot access appData.