December 22, 2014
-OSDC V5.2 MR2 Release

The following issues have been corrected:

1) Conversion from PDF
*An image data in the file went missing when converting to JPEG.
*Image shadows were not outputted when converting to JPEG.
*A hyphen was not outputted when converted to JPEG.

2) Conversion from Word
*Checkboxes in a Word document disappeared when converted to PDF
*There was a problem with footnotse and text references, OSDC ended abnormally.
*An image was missing in the output document.
*Underlines in the header were missing.
*Specified font was not applied in the output PDF.
*Text in the paragraph was not justified.
*Line breaking was not correctly done in the list paragraph in a table.
*The specified space between paragraphs did not appear.
*Shapes in a table were missing.
*Text wrapping around the layout frame was not done correctly.
*Watermark images were put in the wrong position.
*The text box in the header/footer was incorrectly positioned.
*The specified space between lines did not appear.
*Text boxes in a document were incorrectly positioned.
*Tables were not left aligned, centered as expected.

3) Conversion from Excel
*A pie chart was filled in black.

4) Conversion from RTF
*Conversion of simple tables in RTF into PDF used a lot of memory.

5) Image Conversion
*Only reading an image of JPEG2000 caused a memory leak.

7) Other
*When a non-existing file was specified and converted with V5.2 MR1, the conversion failed.
*Line breaks did not automatically occur with text in a nested text box in Word ML.