July 15, 2015
– OSDC V5.2 MR4 release

The following issues have been enhanced:

1) Conversion from Word

  • ChartML pasted on Word2007 is now available to convert.
  • Diagonal borders in the table cell are now available to convert.

2) Conversion from Excel

  • The border width can now be scaled to fit to the original.
  • Paper size, paper orientation, scaling to fit into the number of printed pages and margins are now available to specify. See also “Excel function for paper setting” in “MS Excel Transformation” in the online manual.

3) Conversion from PowerPoint

  • Improved the support for the textbox autofit option. Text is no longer being rotated unexpectedly.

4) Chart conversion

  • Support for aligning multiple lines in a label

The following issues have been enhanced:

1) Conversion from Word

  • Cell borders were not convertible or became thin.
  • List numbers were italic in the result. They were normal in the original.

2) Conversion from Excel

  • The day of the week were displayed in English, even if the original was in Japanese.

3)Conversion from PowerPoint

  • Text overlapped when converting to JPEG.
  • Text was rotated in the converted PowerPoint.

4)Chart conversion

  • Text in a pie chart overlapped when converting PPTX to PDF.
  • Numbers in the line graph were not displayed when converting Excel to PDF.
  • % values in the histogram shifted when converting Excel to PDF.

5) Conversion from Images

  • The color of the legend symbol turned into the same even if they are different when converting EMF to PDF.
  • A blank page was generated when converting TIFF to PDF.

6) Other

  • OSDC did not respond when converting a bit text file to SVG.
  • A segmentation error occurred when embedding OpenType NO CID font in PDF in Linux.
  • An application error occurred when trying to convert WML file.
  • It took a huge time to covert SVG file that had no line breaks.