October 30, 2015
– OSDC V5.2 MR5 release

The following issues have been enhanced:

1) Conversion from PowerPoint

– Modified so that a character code is used for font search in order to mitigate character corruption.

The following issues have been corrected:

1) Conversion from Word

– The converted output of a Word file had a white block overlapping the content on the page.
– The converted output of a Word file had an extra space after the second line on the first page.
– The conversion did not complete and the output file kept growing with pages constantly being generated.
– An application error occurred due to the incorrect line numbering.
– A space at the end of a line was not deleted appropriately and some letters overflowed from a table.
– Layout of a column was broken when processing a section attribute without line numbers.
– A diagram was positioned incorrectly due to an inappropriate output process of the cell shape location.
– Shading in a table was not converted due to an inappropriate process of the table style reference.
– A line break position was incorrect due to an inappropriate height of a space in a vertical document.
– Tab width just after a bullet point and a paragraph number was incorrect.
– An application error occurred upon conversion of a Word file containing WML with wrong content.
– Due to inappropriate processing of table style reference, bold letters were ignored.
– An extra blank page was incorrectly output since it was assumed that there was the next page when the layout frame went beyond the bottom margin.
– Modified ruby problems such as output position, line spacing and non-starter characters.

2) Conversion from Excel

– A diagram in a chart was not output due to the unsupported raster diagram.
– A converted PDF file could not be opened with Acrobat Reader, etc. since an unexpected paper size 0 was specified.
– Layout was broken when Shrink to fit and Centered were specified.

3) Conversion from PowerPoint

– Layout was broken due to the incorrect processing of the text indent.

4) Conversion from PDF

– Colors were inappropriate due to the incorrect image processing.
– Data processing did not complete due to unexpected data (/Prev 0).

5) Other

– Some parts were filled in black when specifying the down-sampling option for a transparent image.
– A return value (unsupported) was not given upon conversion of an xlsx file containing a hyperlink.
– An application error occurred to an xls file containing a large table with .NET.