OSDC V5.2 MR6 Release

February 22, 2016
OSDC V5.2 MR6 release

The following issues have been enhanced:

1) Conversion from Excel

– Modified so that date and date/time fields are correctly formatted in the user's locale.

The following issues have been corrected:

1) Conversion from Word

  • Hanging indentation was not correctly processed.
  • There was a problem with field output processing in a cell.
  • The object was not right aligned with the grouped text.
  • The text that was displayed normally above the shape was not displayed.
  • A table overlapped the WordArt object due to the problem in processing of the alignment.
  • The paragraph was placed incorrectly due to the problem in wrapping the layout frame.
  • The columns that had different column width was not converted correctly.
  • A list was not indented correctly when a hanging indent was specified.
  • A list label was shown in italic by referring to the style of the text incorrectly.
  • There is a problem with reference processing of a table style, the background color of a cell was not displayed.
  • Unnecessary characters were sometimes outputted with the date of a field code.
  • A footnote dropped due to the problem in the processing of footnote reference number.
  • Text was left aligned even if the center alignment was specified.
  • The cell width differed from the original.
  • A table border disappeared when different style of borders were in a table.
  • Ruled lines of a layout frame were outputted doubly.
  • When the document is converted the result document has a line through the heading that wasn't in the original document.
  • An extra lines appeared in the footer.
  • WordArt object was incorrectly placed.
  • WordArt object in the textbox was outputted outside.
  • Shading specified in a text box was not effective.
  • A shape in a header/ footer was not correctly outputted.
  • A wrong error message was returned by misjudging the file type.
  • The type of border was incorrect, or the border was not outputted at all.

2) Conversion from Excel

  • Cell borders were not outputted when the dimension of a cell was not correctly set in the Excel file.
  • Text in a cell was misaligned because a white-space was incorrectly processed.
  • Text in a balloon overflowed.

3) Conversion from RTF

  • The resulting PDF output lost the bullet points in the unordered list.
  • The picture, and the table were all lost when converting RTF to SVG, the problem was resolved by changing the default page size of A4 to letter.
  • The frames that had text inside seemed to be rendered at the wrong position.
  • The xlspaper option did not work correctly and resulted in the wrong page numbers.
  • Characters overlapped in a text box without breaking a line.

4) Conversion from PowerPoint

– Text was outputted in a wrong position when a shape was next to it.

5) Other

  • The environment variable set when installing OSDC was incorrect.
  • The background was filled in color due to the problem in processing the Vector image, such as EMF.
  • Images in the slide were not visible in output when the mineType was unknown.
  • Text and images dropped due to the problem in processing the down-sampling.
  • The color was inverted when converting TIFF to PDF.
  • The only size of the beginning page differed when converting Multi TIFF to PDF.
  • When PDF was embedded in a comment of EMF, an error returned.
  • The position of the labels in an Excel graph was incorrect.