OSDC V5.2 MR7 release

July 27, 2016
V5.2 MR7 release

The following issues have been corrected:

1) Conversion from Word

  • There was a problem with text wrapping processing in a table, a part of the table wasn't outputted.
  • There was a problem with the indentation of a table, the output position sometimes shifted.
  • There was a problem with the paragraph processing just after the table, one of the table arranged in line wasn't outputted.
  • There was a problem with processing of the table in the column, pages after the table wasn't outputted.
  • An application error occurred because the structure of the document couldn't be read correctly.
  • The space between words became narrower.
  • An image in a column wasn't outputted.
  • An image was outputted even if visibility:hidden was specified in Shape.
  • Character strings in the table weren't outputted in the field.

2) Conversion from Excel

  • An application error occurred with files that have incomplete information on the cell range.
  • The file was printed even if the Control Object (button) was set not to print.

3) Conversion from RTF

  • Images overlapped when they were closely arranged.

4) Conversion from PowerPoint

  • Chinese characters(GB2312) garbled in the Linux environment.
  • The position of the underline of a superscript shifted.

5) Conversion from PDF

  • Text overlapped when converting PDF to TIFF.
  • A system error occurred when reading PDF.

6) Other

  • Only the one page outputted when converting from multi-TIFF.
  • The gray scale image became incorrect when converting from multi-TIFF.
  • A blank page was outputted when converting from WMF.
  • An application error occurred when converting Excel with chart into PDF.
  • PPT conversion to png: black backgrounds on some document images.
  • Images in pdf input were output with poor quality.