Convert Multiple Word Files to PDF on Linux and Windows

How to Batch Convert Word, Excel or PowerPoint to PDF with Office Server Document Converter

Office Server Document Converter functions on Windows and Linux. No additional software is required for conversions.

Step 1. Set-up

First download and install the program. Click below to request links to the downloads. It will arrive by email.

Download Trial

Step 2. Prepare Conversion

There are one of two ways to prepare for the conversion. The first option is to download our custom bat file. It is in a zip file that you must first open. Drop the bat file anywhere you'd like.

Drag and Drop File Download

The other option is to create your own bat file.

Step 3. Batch Convert Word files to PDF

Simply drag and drop the folder with the files you wish to convert on top of our custom bat file or use your own bat file and run it in command line. The outputted pdfs will be in the folder.

Windows users may get the following warning: “Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from running”. When it pops up, click on the link for More Info and then click Run Anyway. For other ways to unblock the file refer to this page.

Alternatives for Batch Document Conversion

An alternative to using Office Server Document Converter (OSDC) is to program your Microsoft Office or Open Office to run batch conversions. Warning though, the use of the software in this manner is not supported by its creators. As a result it is prone to breaking and is not easy to do. OSDC uses an independent engine that does not rely on other commercial software to perform its function.

Consumers need to be aware that other commercial software that are Windows only usually use this unsupported method for their batch conversions.