September 2, 2020

The following issues have been corrected:

Conversion from Word (DOCX)

  • Text in the text box was output to the bookmark.
  • Page numbers on the footer were not updated.
  • The list number specified as Chinese numerals was changed to Arabic numerals.
  • When the base character was underlined, the ruby was also underlined.
  • The line break position in the course of text inside the cell was not correct.
  • The selected option in “Paragraph” – “Typography” – “Text alignment” in Word was not reflected correctly.
  • Position of the label letter of the bullet list was not correct.
  • Width of the justified text differed from Word.
  • When justifying text, the beginning and end of a character were dropped out without a line break if the character could not fit on one line.

Conversion from Word (DOC)

  • Width of the tub was not output correctly and the position of the text was not correct.

Conversion from Excel (XLSX)

  • Input value was displayed as #####, even though the cell is wide enough.
  • Improved the break position of the text box.

Conversion from Excel (XLS)

  • There is a mistake in the field of freeform shape, which can now be read covering by another field.
  • The part that should be transparent was not displayed correctly.
  • Some borders were not displayed.

Conversion from PowerPoint(PPTX)

  • Font size was not correct.

Image output (Windows)

  • PDF watermark was not transparent with image output.

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