Upgrading Office Server Document Converter

Upgrading to Latest Version

Customers who have purchased their software within the last 90 days or who have an active Annual Maintenance Agreement are entitled to upgrade to the latest version free of charge.

Office Server Document Converter (OSDC) customers who do not have an active Annual Maintenance Agreement can either:

  1. Purchase an Annual Maintenance Agreement retroactive to the end of their previous agreement or the end of their 90 day warranty period, or
  2. Purchase a one-time upgrade for 50% of the list price of ODSC/OSDC Plus. Please note that the one-time upgrade purchase prohibits customers from purchasing future maintenance. Future upgrades will continue to cost 50% of the software purchase price.

Upgrading from Standard to Plus Version

  • Customers upgrading within 6 months of the original purchase will receive 100% credit of the original license price and pay the difference between OSDC Standard & OSDC Plus.
  • After 6 months to 2 years, customers will receive 50% credit of the original license price. So for a single end user license, the credit would reduce the cost from full price to $3,500.
  • After 2 years, customers must buy a new license